FVU is a FREE service to both Danes and immigrants. If you need to improve your writing, reading and spelling (Danish) or mathematics in everyday life, at work or as an aid to your education, FVU can be the solution. You can use FVU to achieve an academic level, equivalent to the 9th grade final exam.

The FVU system is divided into in steps in accordance with the level of proficiency.

FVU Danish and FVU mathematics are comprised by steps and can be completed with a so-called step test:

  • Danish consists of 4 levels, with level 4 being the highest.
  • Mathematics consists of 2 levels, with level 2 being the highest.
  • FVU Start consists of one step and is for the person who would like to strengthen their spoken Danish.

Teaching takes place both during the day and in the evening.

Before you are able to start at FVU, we set up an appointment for a visitation test to check if you are in the target group, and also so we can find the right step for you.

How is FVU useful?

The steps provide access to different areas:

  • Access to education:
    When you have passed FVU level 2 in mathematics and FVU level 4 in reading, you can apply for a vocational education or SOSU basic course. These steps correspond to you having a 9th or 10th grade exam with at least 02 in grade. However, there may be different requirements for the different programs, so always make sure to research what requirements are set for the program you want.
  • Application for citizenship::
    If you have passed FVU Danish, step 4, you can use it in your application for citizenship.
  • Application for permanent residence:
    If you have passed FVU Danish level 2 or 3, you can use it in your application for permanent residence.

FVU Danish

It is possible to attend classes during the day and in the evening.

Contact the language school for the exact days and times at sprogcenter@kalundborg.dk or on 59535790.

You can also contact FVU coordinator, Bente Nørregaard Arildsen by email: bena@kalundborg.dk or by phone: 91166526.

FVU mathematics

FVU mathematics takes place during the day.

Contact the language school for the exact days and times. You can also send an email to Mette Nielsen: mtns@kalundborg.dk